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Pearl of Africa

Lake Victoria's everlasting offerings

Lake Victoria is Africa's largest lake, the world's largest tropical lake, and the world's second largest fresh water lake by surface area, after lake...

Kalangala's hidden adventures

Kalangala district can be described as the Madagascar of Uganda, reason, it is surrounded by Lake Victoria water.

Making memories at Mutima beach

The lush green that covers this landscape is truly a gate away for anyone looking for a safe haven to reconnect with nature, family and friends.

Keeping up with monkeys

Found in almost all parts of Uganda, monkeys are adorable creatures to hang around.

Shake off your fear for snakes

In case of a snake bite, these tips will help you shake off that fear.

A tortoise can live up to 500 years

A tortoise can live up to 500 years

The traditional canoe experience

Have you used a traditional canoe before?

Stunning view of water lilies

The most common exotic flowers you can find on the rivers and streams in the country are known as water lilies.

Sailing on Lake Albert

The feel of sailing on Lake Albert

Meet Rubirizi's twin lakes

The Banyakole a dominant tribe refer to them as “Nyanzibiri” which means “two lakes”.


Pets can teach kids responsibility

Pets can teach kids responsibility

Animals will teach your children more about being responsible than you possibly can. A year ago, I decided to bring a hen...