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'Fake news is harmful bliss'

"Many people are innocent consumers of fake news, which is why it spreads faster than real news," opines Fred Muwema.

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China-Africa summit to deepen mutual cooperation...

The Chinese development model is wholistic. It does not just emphasise strong work ethics, but also encourages home-grown solutions.

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Why EA integration remains a priority for...

Africa remains weak, fragmented and still unable to address its many problems.

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Scientists ought to contribute to building...

Is it possible for Engineers to join hands and form an association that would provide technical advice.

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Arua fracas was preventable

Anyone with some management skills will understand that complacency took effect.

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Why are politicians leaving behind a legacy...

Social opinion plays a significant role in our lives, but are we changing ourselves too much in order to maintain an ‘accepted’ identity instead of simply...

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What needs to be done to support families...

There is need to document all missing or unaccounted for persons, as a result of abduction or otherwise, during the wars.

Uganda should invest in herbal medicine research...

The total cost of the linear accelerator is estimated at sh18 billion.

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Why funding is crucial to achieve safer roads...

Reports indicate that in the last decade, the recorded road crash fatalities in Uganda rose from 2,579 to 3,503 in 2016 representing 25.9%.

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Why Baryamureeba has no moral authority to...

Our discussion showed me that he was too entangled in the mess to fix it


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Uganda enriches border relations...

About 25 South Sudanese officials in the integrated border management committee from Nimule have just concluded a training from Uganda’s Immigration training academy in Nakasongola.