Sunday,February 18,2018 19:33 PM


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Refugees should handle their issues

If well-monitored and guided, refugees can work with all the partners to have aid come directly to them. This way, proper management could be seen

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The anti FGM movement is winning

February 6 is International Day of Zero Tolerance for Female Genital Mutilation.

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Is Africa at the cross-roads of political...

Short of this leadership style, the political road will no doubt remain rough and uncertain as witnessed in some regions across the continent

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Absence of express traffic fines will increase...

The absence of express traffic fines will further amplify the violation of the 48-hour rule leading to a lengthy pre-trial detention at police

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FGM: A race against trends

Around the world, momentum to eliminate female genital mutilation is building. Political will, community engagement and targeted investment are changing...

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Behind the mushrooming short-lived youth...

After hitting the target, the youth are then dumped and with no back up positioning, these youth become too desperate to do anything so as to survive....

Why Uganda needs to go off-grid

Investment in off-grid solar energy will ensure the use of clean and renewable energy, which will play a vital role in restoring eco-systems that have...

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Mowzey Radio: An ethical dilemma or matter...

How do you give a doctor whom you cannot even Google the name to explain death to the world?

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Cancer patients’ hostels providing homes...

About 80 patients’ and 80 carers’ beds are available each night in Kampala. Three meals are served to each patient and one care-giver daily.

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Using zoning policy as a tool to fight hunger...

Embracing agriculture research and the use of improved technologies for soil and rainfall mapping and modeling will be the key to providing targeted advisories...


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He wears T-shirts to weddings

I am so embarrassed whenever we go to family and friends’ functions that sometimes I prefer either going alone or staying at home. What should I do?