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If Muhoozi aspires to lead, so be it

He is not excluded from these rights, obligations and privileges of a citizen of Uganda simply because of his chance birth in the first family

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A case study of Joseph Kabuleta’s weekly...

‘Imprisoning someone on the basis of limiting Article 29 is similar to using a sledge hammer to kill a fly.’

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Triumph of democracy over terrorism: A commemoration...

Turkish people determinedly stood against this threat and demonstrated to the world that they would never recognise any power over their will

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Why white people do not deserve your special...

Unfortunately, many white people and Westerners here are blind to these privileges because they remain in social bubbles of only Westerners

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The Mukwano I knew

Never in a hurry. He was rarely, if ever fazed. External appearances meant nothing to him. His humility grew the wealthier he became

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OWC is the most successful intervention in...

Regrettably though, they specifically, and as stated in the series, decided to explore ways in which the OWC initiative has not worked and how they wish...

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Why the President is on zonal tours

In all these zones, the President has been spending two days in each. The first day he addresses leaders from the zone in one of the districts and the...

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Building capacity to enhance climate resilience...

Therefore there is need to act through building the capacity of different actors to enhance climate resilience

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How to manage Kampala storm water drainage...

The existing drainage should match with the rate of Kampala population growth and with its expansion and development in all directions

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Fake news : the cyber security threat no...

Whoever said ‘No Press is Bad Press’ was not born in this era of social media and fake news, clearly.


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Justice at a price in Wakiso and...

Our undercover investigation has revealed how suspects pay to acquire justice in these courts.