Saturday,March 17,2018 19:28 PM


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Celebrating Women’s Day amidst the ongoing...

Today marks International Women’s Day and it should feel a bit uncomfortable for us as a country to celebrate with the rest of the world the freedom, emancipation...

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Why aren’t outstanding young women receiving...

There are young women changing the narrative in different professions that these young ladies from such an outstanding school ought to know.

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He-for-she: A natural role for men

Women need to dream big, forge a path through the obstacles and achieve their full potential

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Revive security in Uganda

We have always thought the changes and transfers would bring about development

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Remembering Hugh Masekela

Masekela’s long association with jazz and the outside world was initiated at 14 years

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So what if one foretells the Oscars?

The glorification of people with this special gift has not been wholesomely extended to those that identify as Christians, especially born again Christians...

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Enhancing livelihood scheme for rural women...

It is not a bad idea to consider enhancing women’s participation in commercial agriculture.

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Sort security gaps in Uganda

Ugandans will in turn blame the President whom they voted as Commander-in-Chief and expect him to protect them from all forms of danger

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Opposition MPs ask govt to act on security...

MPs said if the murder incidents are not ended, the situation might scare away tourists and investors

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When fighting fake news aids censorship

China, Egypt, and Turkey jailed more than half of the world’s journalists in 2017, continuing a trend from the previous year


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Makerere University scraps evening...

“Since all continuing students of Makerere University currently enrolled on the evening programmes will continue with their studies until successful completion, there is need to continue remunerating staff offering services on the evening programme,”...