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Egypt criticises Human Rights Watch

Although the report has chosen an excellent political title, but not a professional one.

Uganda hosts East African Community Arts...

As a country, we are increasingly becoming popular for regional, continental and international events

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A betrayal of America’s soul

Trump positions himself in the dubious company of those throughout American history who displayed malice and suspicion toward new arrivals

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Central Bankers’ shifting goalposts

From a monetary-policy perspective, there was also a need to cope with the deflationary legacy of financial crisis

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Who is misleading the President on proposed...

I am surprised that up to now, the President has not been told the truth: that the people are against the proposed land law amendment not because they...

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Wakiso murders: Know the complexity of dealing...

With these gruesome murders still ongoing, the residents need answers, the victims’ justice and the entire country needs reassurance that our security...

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Space Dreams

The ancestors of the present Inuit inhabitants arrived here a thousand years ago without even metal tools.

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Address personnel shortages in pharmaceutical...

It is important that the Government employs enough pharmaceutical cadre with the right skill mix.

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Advancing renewable energy transition will...

Countries, states, cities and power corporations have devoted 100% to renewable power goals.

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Why there is need for high standard ethics...

There has not been any economic system in history which has not been based on internal contradictions.


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Kabila pledges DR Congo elections...

In power since 2001, Kabila officially ended his term in office in December, but he was allowed to remain under the New Year's Eve deal in exchange for guarantees that elections will be held.