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How to live the reality of independence

It is our dire role to protect the Constitution for if the Constitution loses its independence we lose our dependence on it and subsequently we lose our...

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Why is risk management a must in business...

In the past decades telecom industries were still appreciating the needs for the fully fledged risk function lately there has been a paradigm shift for...

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World Teachers Day: A day to salute the teachers...

In South Korea, teachers are known as "nation builders" Sadly, here in Uganda they are just among the lowest paid, least motivated civil servants

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The “People Power” hullabaloo

In Uganda, like in most developing democracies, the thinking of our young people is largely influenced by what they see, watch and hear, coupled with fake...

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Iraq’s new hope

Iraqis voted in their fourth free election last April – or rather, fewer than half of them bothered to vote at all.

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Protect yourself and your newborn baby from...

Your baby does not yet have fully developed immune system, so it is susceptible to infections

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Women demand for development alternatives...

From a more positive perspective, crisis may present potential and possibility

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Investing in human development for sustainable...

Addressing human development remains one of most effective strategies for sustainable development and inclusive prosperity

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Not only the hardware but the software too...

As it stands now barely a million workers are paying income tax out of a workforce of 11 million

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UN should support regional efforts in resolving...

Uganda remains committed to maintaining and promoting asylum space and its refugee model consistent with the New York Declaration


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World leaders applaud joint Nobel...

Congolese doctor Denis Mukwege and Yazidi campaigner Nadia Murad jointly won the 2018 Nobel Peace Prize.