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Sh720b social media revenue is attractive...

A recent research finding shows that Ugandans in general subscribe to over a dozen social media platforms—including Facebook by 34%, WhatsApp (31.9%),Twitter(12.1%)among...

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What Trump gets wrong about EU defense

At a time of growing international volatility, it is essential that we Europeans defend ourselves from scurrilous attacks.

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The end of NATO

NATO does have a deeply integrated command structure for the forces that are assigned to it.

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Young people losing out with back and forth...

The first fear by religious leaders is that sexuality education should not be taught to children of the age category 3- 9 years

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Bulago Island initiative bears fruits

The initiative is encouraging cooperation and socially just conservation methods among the small fishing community on the island.

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Egyptian Revolution: African identity and...

History does repeat itself. Good history reoccurred on June 30, 2013, as Egyptians exercised their will to get rid of extremism and hatred.

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Increased engagement with the world will...

Greater investments are required to build Uganda's human capacity.

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How Ugandan judges have lost judicial immunity...

Supreme Court ripped apart the judicial independence and judicial immunity guaranteed by the Constitution.

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Can current interventions curb HIV prevalence...

Prejudices and social discrimination are some of the key factors preventing utilisation of health care services including HIV testing among some high-risk...

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Social media is a necessary evil

It is a valuable communication tool with others locally and worldwide, as well as to share, create and spread information.


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The battle that awaits Uganda Airlines...

Will the Uganda Airlines survive in the already dominated bussiness?