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The regulatory evolution of mobile money,...

Unfortunately, as with most of the laws and regulations, the regulations still fall short in so far.

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Uganda should commercialise its innovations...

Until two years ago, Kiira Motors was being operated at Uganda Development Corporation where its progression to commercialize its products stalled.

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EC roadmap: A good document pending implementation...

The roadmap needs to be popularised in order for it to be of interest to eligible Ugandans and well appreciated in preparing for the 2021 general election....

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When P7 candidates finally come home

There is a problem of television and internet that we must address without fear. There is anything and everything good and bad on the web

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Marriage and the menace of WhatsApp

Couples have almost strangled each other over a WhatsApp message.

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How to earn a living trading in cryptocurrencies...

Cryptocurrencies are digital assets following the path of Bitcoin, which was the first of this kind

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Of Museveni and Balokole

They recently organised a sham high-level meeting with the President

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Lets collaborate on access to water for all...

This is the edited speech Loic Fauchon, the President of the World Water Council during the opening session on October 20, 2019

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Media Council of Uganda: The task ahead

Since 1986, the Government has striven for a Uganda of open data with free and full access to information.

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Russia is not what you think

Most of you wonder what life is like for Africans, here. Having seen and watched lots of fake videos, news about the high discrimination rate here, the...


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Meet the Acholi Prince who prefers...

20-year-old Eric Opoka commonly known for his stage name as Eezzy is the hottest musical item in Northern Uganda.