Friday,September 21,2018 14:34 PM


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Empower youth to be voices of peace and transformation...

The day is dedicated to world peace, with focus on ending war and violence that remains a threat to livelihood and human development.

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Musaazi: A brilliant Ugandan inventor departs...

Dr Musaazi’s inventions were mainly motivated to save the environment which he cared for deeply.

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A universal journey to sustain peace

As the world commemorates the International Day of Peace (Peace Day), we are reminded of the vital role of the UN in the maintenance of peace in the world...

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The need for dialogue and reconciliation...

Dialogue is positively indicated for exploring interests and finding solutions or preventing escalation of disagreement that can culminate into conflict....

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Why we need faster turnaround on our road...

Clearly there is a lot of work to be done on our transport infrastructure.

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How secure are our security cameras?

Has government hired any independent body or company to audit these camera systems to ensure they are safe and secure?

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The deficiency of Ugandans’ ingenuity

We may not achieve Vision 2040 if we continue like this!

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A look into govt's expenditure rationalisation...

Indeed, in corruption literature, a clogged system functions best with “oiling” to the extent that any priestly behaviour yields inefficiency

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Dear colonialists, its like you demarcated...

Those that we think are elites are the most nonsensical people selling Africa to the whites

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Govt should learn from public private partnership...

The reward for most public servants has been discouragingly low and this should be addressed before this great idea of rationalisation can take off


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Uganda enriches border relations...

About 25 South Sudanese officials in the integrated border management committee from Nimule have just concluded a training from Uganda’s Immigration training academy in Nakasongola.