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Museveni meets with IPOD delegation

During the meeting at State House, the opposition team presented various issues of concern which had been agreed upon in their meetings which included...

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Party leaders meet Museveni, except Musumba...

NRM Secretary General Kasule Lumumba says the President is meeting the leaders Saturday evening.

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Upcoming Putin-Trump talks extremely in demand...

According to the diplomat, the upcoming contacts between the Russian and US leaders were necessary to express Russia’s assessment of the situation.

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Why good communication skills are a must...

When someone’s conscience is clear, there is no reason why they cannot look the commissioners in the eyes and confidently look into the cameras.

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Besigye’s stand on Bugiri elections betrays...

However, Besigye said he would not abandon his party’s flag bearer for Basalirwa.

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Hong Kong independence duo given jail term...

Yau, 27, and Leung, 31, are the latest activists to be given jail terms on protest-related charges.

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UPDF veterans tipped on savings

The skill training is funded by the Private Sector Foundation-Uganda (PSF-U) and conducted by Wazalendo SACCO.

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Taiwan ex-leader Ma convicted in political...

Ma was sentenced to four months in prison for violating the communication security and surveillance act.

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Nobody would compromise Adoko Nekyon - Awori...

Awori said Nekyon was articulate and tough which made him unpopular in certain circles in Uganda People’s Congress (UPC).

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Hiring Cuban doctors: What Besigye is saying...

“He has been here for more than 30 years now, you mean up to now he did not know that he does not have doctors? Why is he hiring today?”


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In pictures: 24 years of King Oyo...

Rukirabasaija Oyo Nyimba Kabamba Iguru Rukidi IV has occupied the Toro kingdom throne for nearly two-and-a-half decades now. We take a look at how far he has come.