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A plan to reduce teenage pregnancies

The rate of teenage pregnancy is higher among uneducated girls.

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Youth use community service to promote peer...

The camp involved giving out free condoms to the community, free HIV testing and counseling and performances.

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Anti-online child sex portal to be launched...

A portal for Ugandan citizens to report child sexual abuse images and videos is due to be launched.

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Students excel in national mathematics contest...

In today’s era, Mathematics is no longer perceived as difficult as was in the past.

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Turning focus on the African Child

NGOs operating in Ssabagabo Makindye sub-county (in Wakiso district) organised a day-long function to commemorate the Day of the African Child.

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Child labour campaign sees 700 return to...

A total of 700 children have been rescued from child exploitation activities and taken back to school at Kigungu landing site.

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Overweight in teens 'boosts bowel cancer...

Teenagers who are very overweight may run double the risk of developing colorectal cancer when they reach middle age.

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Ekisakaate receives land for new home from...

The Nabagereka Development Foundation (Ekisakaate) is to build a permanent home at Ssisa village in Wakiso district.

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Doctors confirm: Screen time affects teens'...

Doctors now have proof that the more time teenagers spend on computers or mobile phones, the less they sleep.

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Buikwe, the child sacrifice capital

Reports indicate that one child is sacrificed every week compared to the seven cases reported back in 2011.


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US coronavirus deaths exceed 100,000...

Europe meanwhile has slowly started reopening businesses as outbreaks on the continent slow, but Italy and Spain lack the firepower of richer European nations to rebuild their economies.