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'Toto Festival to return even better'

"We promise to always ensure quality for our children."

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In pictures: Toto Festival in Mbarara

The kids' event is taking place in Mbarara.

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Enjoy foot massage in your garden at home...

“A foot massage garden helps you relax as the most essential points of your feet are massaged for the wellbeing of the whole body,”

Nintendo reboots with new Switch game console...

The company said its new console was full of Nintendo's "entertainment DNA".

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Kisoro district boss orders arrest of youth...

“This is revolving fund and once they don’t pay, other youth lose out,” says Bizimana.

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Judith Heard gives back to kids

"It’s a giving season, so i have to give to those who don't have."

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Teach children culture of saving - Gen Wamala...

"We have successfully taught our soldiers why and how they should save and we have started seeing the fruits."

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7-year-old author brings hope to other children...

Using green and purple pens, Michelle Nkamankeng set down the story of Titi, a little girl fascinated by the ocean and its huge waves.

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Teens who 'sext' 'experience more violence'...

Compared to teens who had not engaged in sexting, these adolescents experienced four times more physical violence.

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The child labour dilemma

About 2.4 million children in Uganda are involved in child labour.


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US coronavirus deaths exceed 100,000...

Europe meanwhile has slowly started reopening businesses as outbreaks on the continent slow, but Italy and Spain lack the firepower of richer European nations to rebuild their economies.