Homes and Construction

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Kitchen Islands for every classy kitchen...

Right in the middle of this evolution is the classy, dainty kitchen island, which many have taken to in a bid to modernize their kitchens.

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Save by making your own bricks

To produce 10,000 bricks (made from normal soil), which cost sh1,800,000. You will thus have saved sh1, 150,000

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What it takes to build boys quarters

For convenience, many people need their house help to be resident, thus the need for boys quarters

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Tough season to build

The price of cement is now between sh34,000 and sh35,000 per 50 kilogramme bag,up from sh28,000 at the beginning of this year.

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Why sand prices have shot up

Experts say the rising fuel prices have contributed to the increase in sand prices

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OTIS lifts ideal for saving energy

Even when altering buildings, you must ensure that people with special needs have access to every part of that building.

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How Shimon transformed Kira Municipality...

Endowed with Martyr’s Shrine and Mandela National Stadium, Kira visibly cuts an urban and semi urban setting. The place benefited from the facelift of...

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Gifts worth giving this Christmas

Get gifts that your loved ones will remember you by.

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100 x 50ft best for four bedroom house

The project should be supervised by a qualified architect right from foundation to completion.

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How to protect your land from thieves

Plant some crops on the land so it does not look vacant.


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Safety at 'core' of Boeing, says...

"Safety is at the core of who we are at Boeing, and ensuring safe and reliable travel on our airplanes is an enduring value and our absolute commitment to everyone," Muilenburg said.