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What a Rolex means in Uganda

What happened at the third edition of the rolex festival

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Rumba: The dance of seduction

Men, usually dressed all in white, wearing a hat and sometimes carrying a cane, move elegantly as women's wide, brightly colored skirts flutter to their...

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Ngule dance crew evicted, Transformation...

Every crew had to rewind, fast-forward and slowdown in their dance presentation.

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Goats thrill fest-goers at Munyonyo

It was more about merry-making and showcasing creativity.

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Zimbabwe twins are here for Kampala Twins...

The festival will see twins participate in numerous fun-packed activities on Sunday at Mandela Stadium, Namboole.

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Twins that became religious leaders

Fr. Joseph Mary Kato and Sister Maria Josephine Babirye refer to themselves as their family's tithe ('Ekimu eky'ekumi').

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The selfless 11-month-old twin

Born nine minutes apart in September last year, the twins were born by Caesarean section.

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It's transformation 256 or Ngule getting...

Shown the exit door this week was the all-female dance crew Kampala Crew, while Kings 256 and Jets crew survived eviction.

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Celebrating the goddess of fertility and...

Every year, the festival attracts thousands of Yorubas, an ancient ethnic group in West Africa that numbers around 40 million,

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Finance experts to woo Ugandans in North...

“This year, we have partnered with organisations that can provide our people in the diaspora with financial services and advise to make it easy for them...


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Tanzania ferry disaster toll passes...

Although hopes are fading of finding any more survivors, workers rescue an engineer who managed to locate a pocket of air in the vessel.