Thursday,February 22,2018 09:12 AM

Arts & Culture

China 318x200

China ushers in New Year in colourful style...

New Year is the most important day in the Chinese calendar, says Chinese ambassador to Uganda Zheng Zhuqiang.

Art 318x200

East African Art Biennale graces Uganda

The visual art exhibition showcases a collection of art works from artists around East Africa

Food 318x200

Why you should go for boiled food

Eating boiled food should not be for the rich alone because living healthy has a direct implication on our household income and standard of living.

Book 318x200

'Kamwe Kamwe Nigwo Muganda', a tribute of...

It is the story of the life and times of Chris Kataama, a certified accountant turned businessman - through the eyes of his close family and friends.

Kabaka13 318x200

Colour at Bulungi Bwansi Day

The Kabaka of Buganda marked the end of Bulungi Bwansi (community service) at Old Kampala Secondary School in Kampala on Sunday

Xenson 318x200

Art: Xenson starts discourse on life struggles...

Common features in these works are masks, flowers and a gun, explaining the titled of the exhibition.

Sculpturemain 318x200

Sculptures: Lifeless beings with powerful...

Sculptures in school compounds have got a special way of communicating to students than you can ever imagine.

Culturalfair 318x200

Bobi Wine, Kadaga to headline cultural festival...

Cultural dances, native foods from all across the country and dressing from all of Uganda’s tribes and cultures will be on show.

Art 318x200

Nurturing at an early age is nurturing a...

Discovering an artistic talent early enough can help you create a career for your child?

Asmara 318x200

Eritrean city Asmara named World Heritage...

The decision was taken at a meeting of the World Heritage Committee in the Polish city of Krakow.


Bread 318x200

In dieting, low-fat or low-carb...

The study enrolled 609 people -- 57 percent women -- aged 18 to 50