Tuesday,October 16,2018 07:25 AM


Are humans half chickens?

CHICKENS and humans share more than half of their genes, and their DNA sequences might hold clues about the differences between birds and mammals, a study...

Terror detector

SAN FRANSISCO - USA — Scientists have developed an easy-to-use device that can detect the presence of biological warfare agents in public water supplies...

Herb fights malaria

FOR decades, pharmaceuticals have been making potent anti-malarial medicines like Artemether from the herb artemisia annua.

Vaccine hope

GREMANY — Scientists have produced a genetically modified malaria parasite that appears unable to cause malaria.

Malaria drugs: Which way?

Health officials have dismissed two malaria drug combinations recommended by a team of American and Ugandan researchers, as unreliable.


Monkey talks TOKYO — In a laboratory in Saitama, central Japan, monkeys are behaving strangely. If someone sticks out a tongue, they do the same. If...

Infidelity is genetic

For nearly half of the women who cheat on their sexual partners, it is their genes and not jeans to blame.

No hope for GM mosquito

UGANDA has lost hope of using a genetically modified (GM) mosquito in the fight against malaria, Tom Byembabazi, a vector control officer with the Ministry...

New stove saves fuel

A NEW version of the wood fuel saving Lorena stove has been introduced. Users of the Rocket Lorena in the districts of Kanungu , Mbale and Bushenyi said...

Improved firewood oven now available

Edith Mukasa, has cut her expenditure on firewood from sh150,000 a month to just sh25,000. Mukasa, a baker in Mpererwe, has been introduced to the improved...


Nobelpeaceprize2018 318x200

World leaders applaud joint Nobel...

Congolese doctor Denis Mukwege and Yazidi campaigner Nadia Murad jointly won the 2018 Nobel Peace Prize.