Nigeria launches satellite

Nigeria has launched her first ever satellite. The satellite named Nigeriasat 1, was put into space on September 27

SARS gene found

A gene variant that may make people particularly susceptible to the deadly SARS virus, has been identified by scientists in Taiwan

Anti-scar drug trials promising

Initial trials of a drug that reduces scar formation have produced encouraging results

Tree that cures prostate cancer grows in...

Ugandans are sitting on wealth. A tree that cures prostate disease has been growing in the country for centuries. But only a few herbalists exploit it,...

Scientists find a solution for heart failure...

Failing hearts can be rejuvenated by injections of stem cells from patients’ own bone marrow, scientists say

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Ugandan Designs Incinerator

Low cost, locally made incinerators, may soon help solve the problem of how to dispose of litter, especially sanitary pads that often block most of Uganda’s...

How siamese twins form

Twins are a blessing, especially in Uganda, where they give parents an elevated social status. However, there is a rare form of identical twins that occurs...

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Oldest human fossils found

Palaentologists in Ethiopia have unearthed the oldest known fossils of modern humans


Agony 318x200

She quarrels with neighbours

We have moved to different houses because the house owners say she inconveniences tenants.