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Districts rank candidates

A New Vision opinion poll has shown how Ugandans intend to vote in the presidential election. It was based on a sample of 2,000 voters from 20 districts,...

Museveni is still favourite choice

THERE has been a dispute by the contending Presidential sides over the validity of the Sunday Vision opinion poll published last weekend.

Kibirige Mayanja

He had vowed to remain apolitical until 1966, when Milton Obote's soldiers invaded the Kabaka's palace.

The future does not lie in promises

Leaders or aspiring leaders must not be allowed to deceive, despise or cheat the people. Poverty and corruption will not evaporate when one is elected...

Ugandans deserve better, UPC should not make...

THE Uganda People's Congress (UPC) rank and file on December 28, organised a party to celebrate the 75th birthday of party president, Dr Milton Obote,...

I disagree about cow dung and stomach voting...

I read the article "Sakwa welcome to try my seat" The New Vision Friday 29, December, 2000, with a smile and later broke into a hearty laugh.

Karuma wreckage still holds bodies

The heat from the scorching sun is intense but everybody is chilled. The men stand mute, with their arms folded across their chests.

Race hot with Atubo's entry

Just when everyone thought the Presidential race was closed, at least to the more serious and consequential contenders, a thunderbolt burst out of a clear...

Uganda is not a football pitch

In 1985, Y.K. Museveni stood before a jubilant but suspicious group of Ugandans.

Let Museveni make army professional

PRESIDENT Museveni, while addressing the National Executive Conference (NEC), which urged him to stand as a Movement candidate, gave two, among other reasons,...


Tanzania 318x200

Tanzania ferry disaster toll passes...

Although hopes are fading of finding any more survivors, workers rescue an engineer who managed to locate a pocket of air in the vessel.