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Realising the available opportunities

The Handshake on how you can realise the available opportunities

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Missing links in online transportation

The Handshake on the missing links in online transportation

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Absa, Endiro market Ugandan coffee in Davos...

Absa partnered with Endiro Coffee, one of the premier coffee brands in Uganda and a client of the bank to sample participants to Ugandan coffee.

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Scholastic material prices rise as school...

Rashidi Kazibwe, a trader in Kikubo noted that the rise of scholastic material prices is due to high taxes.

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How Uganda benefits from the World Economic...

The Handshake on how Uganda benefits from the World Economic Forum

Civil Society activists call for people-centered...

Munaaba argued that whereas there is transparency in the budgeting process, government needs to put more resources which can improve the lives of Ugandans....

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A tour of the Kiira Electric Vehicle Smack...

Richard Madada director production development, Kiira Motors take New Vision TV's Ruth Nasejje on a tour of the Kiira EVS.

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Kiira EVS to hit the road in 2022

Uganda's built hybrid Kiira EVS will be hitting the road in 2022

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Why are hotels not embracing modern technology?...

The Handshake on why hotels are not embracing modern technology?

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EU applauds Uganda on oil management

Uganda's decision to join EITI is a positive step towards improved public financial management and accountability of natural resources - EU


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'Golden handshake' for DR Congo's...

Ministers in the outgoing government of now ex-president Joseph Kabila awarded themselves "golden-handshake" benefits in two decrees which were passed on November 24, that safeguarded lifetime cash payments.