Bad Idea

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Ernest Bazanye's Bad Idea

Christmas is great, yes, but when was the last time the Western Imperialist Brainwash Industry acknowledged Christmas?

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Bazanye's Bad Idea: How to develop Uganda...

Today I am going to turn my attention to giraffes.

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Bazanye's Bad Idea: How to develop Uganda...

Lions are reputed to be graceful and magnificent and wonderful to behold.

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Solome and sons

Why are you typing that question when you two are obviously seated next to each other right now?

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Politicians have filthy manners

When I was a young boy, probably around nine, the age at which one is presumed to be responsible and mature enough to understand the concept of having...

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Better uses for teargas

There are things you people do in public... no wait. Let us start again. Bad Idea readers are a distinguished group of people, easily identified by their...

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Bad Idea: These insolent boys!

I should know better by now, but I don’t and that is why I was caught by surprise when I walked into my sitting room Saturday morning to find my sons waiting....

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From rags to chicken

It rained the other day. You may have been there when this happened, but if you were not, let me get you up to date on the details. Water fell from the...

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Ernest Bazanye’s Bad Idea: Facebook makes...

“I know this is true because before facebook I was astoundingly brilliant. Now, I am merely very, very clever in certain contexts”

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Churches of jerks

Not everyone who calls Him “Lord, Lord” will enter the kingdom of heaven, our saviour once admonished. A few people apparently heard this and thought:...


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Coronavirus threatens nearly 20...

The AU study published Monday said the African Union Commission "should lead negotiations of an ambitious plan for the cancellation of total African external debt", valued at $236 billion.