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Bigtril 318x200

πŸ”Š PODCAST | Is BigTril's Parte After Parte...

In this podcast, Richard Wetaya discusses whether BigTril's hit song Parte After Parte should be categorized as Hip Hop.

Elvis 318x200

πŸ”Š PODCAST: My HIV story Elvis Basudde Part...

In the final part of this podcast triology Elvis gives advice on how to live positively with HIV

Drlove 318x200

πŸ”Š PODCAST | Dr Love Notes - Situation of...

As part of our series, today, Dr Love speaks on the situation of last time, situation of prior to today and the situation of today

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πŸ”Š PODCAST: My HIV story Elvis Basudde Part...

In part 2 of this podcast, Basudde shares the reason why he decided to go public with his HIV status

Aaaaaaabig 318x200

πŸ”Š PODCAST: NiE - World Toilet Day

In this podcast, Barbra and writer Reagan Malcolm Ssempijja discuss World Toilet Day the official United Nations international observance day to inspire...

Elvis 318x200

πŸ”Š PODCAST: My HIV story Elvis Basudde

Elvis Basudde is a journalist who has lived with HIV for over 30 years. He shares his story of finding out that he was positive and how he has coped.

Aaaaaaabig 318x200

πŸ”Š PODCAST: Tech Tuesday - Mobile phones and...

In this week's Tech Tesday podcast, Emmanuel and Felix talk all things to do with mobile device security and privacy as regards data stored on your device....

Trafficjam 318x200

πŸ”Š PODCAST: What you are saying about traffic...

In this podcast, we explore the traffic issue through the experiences of ordinary road users - people who travel everyday, people who use taxis, boda bodas...

Yowerimuseveni 318x200

πŸ”Š PODCAST: Trending news - November 8

Here is what you are saying about President Yoweri Museveni's pledge to include in the Constitution Indians as one of Uganda's tribes.

Southsudan 318x200

πŸ”Š PODCAST | Trending News - November 7

News on South Sudan leaders in Uganda, Mityana gets new bishop and a deadly car pile-up on Ntinda-Kiwatule Road.


Acholi 318x200

Meet the Acholi Prince who prefers...

20-year-old Eric Opoka commonly known for his stage name as Eezzy is the hottest musical item in Northern Uganda.