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  • We weren’t invited to join Besigye’s pressure group – UPC

We weren’t invited to join Besigye’s pressure group – UPC
Denis Nsubuga
Journalist @New Vision

The Uganda People`s Congress (UPC) party has distanced itself from the new opposition coalition, People’s Front for Transition (PFT), led by former presidential candidate Dr Kizza Besigye. 

The party said it has not received any communication or an invitation to join the pressure group.

While addressing journalists at their weekly press conference at their headquarters at Uganda House, Kampala on Thursday, the party’s spokesperson, Sharon Arach Oyat, said they were alerted by media reports last week which indicated that the UPC was part of the forces that launched the pressure group.

On Thursday last week, opposition political players from various parties launched a new opposition coalition aimed at unseating president Yoweri Museveni.

City lawyer Peter Walubiri, who has, since December last year, led a faction of UPC, was appointed as a representative for Eastern Uganda on the PFT’s National Executive Committee.

However, Oyat has described the individuals who attended on behalf of UPC as masqueraders and imposters, emphasizing that their actions do not represent the position of the party.

“The leaders of this front clearly know who the leaders of UPC are and where our offices are located. If they wanted us to participate, they would have contacted us, of which they have not. There is only one UPC in this country, headed by honourable Jimmy Akena. We have not sent any representative on that front,” she said.

Asked whether the party would consider joining upon an official invitation, Oyat replied, “By accepting masqueraders into their front, without the notification to us, is already an abuse and a sign of undermining the leadership of UPC.”

She said before writing to UPC, the leaders of the front should first apologize to the party for undermining its leadership.

During the front’s launch at the Justice Forum (JEEMA) headquarters, Social Democratic Party (SDP) president, Michael Mabikke said they reached out to all opposition political actors, including NUP and its leader Robert Kyagulanyi, Nobert Mao’s Democratic party (DP) and the UPC faction led by Jimmy Akena but they all declined to join the PFT for various reasons.

The coalition has leaders from political parties, including Forum for Democratic Change (FDC), JEEMA, Conservative Party, People’s Progressive Party (PPP) and Supportive Party for Change.


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