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Oil In Uganda

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Oil industry development in Uganda - Why...

The world relies on fossil fuel as the main source of energy.

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The Handshake:Pipe line flagging off

The Handshake's discussion on Pipe line flagging off

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Museveni's speech at launch of oil pipeline...

Uganda's current oil reserves stand at 6.5 billion barrels with 1.7 billion recoverable from the ground

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Oil firms start detailed plans for production...

The pipeline will be expected to move 216,000 barrels of oil per day to the international market from Hoima

Petroleum Authority clears 293 companies...

A total of 753 entities submitted applications, 501 were from companies registered in Uganda

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Gov’t to build international airport in Hoima...

This was in the 2017/18 budget speech that the finance minister read

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Kenya plans to export its first oil in June...

Kenya's oil is good quality -- with low sulphur content and good density

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MPs to meet Museveni over sh6b oil bonus...

The President promised that he would "thank them” if they won the $404m case

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Uganda, Tanzania to strike deal on oil pipeline...

Irene Muloni, the Minister of Energy and Mineral Development expressed optimism that the pipeline will be done by 2020

MPs accuse oil companies of shunning local...

Ministers appeared before the committee on natural resources to update it on the developments in the oil and gas sector


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Gov’t gets elders, local leaders...

In fact, anyone in Karamoja who attempted to let their children join education was banished by Karimojong elders and declared an enemy of society.