Stressedblackwoman 318x200

Why can’t my sister let me be independent?...

I mentioned my plans and my sister was upset. She said I was ungrateful for all she had done for me, saying with me gone; there was no one to keep an eye...

Busiamap 318x200

Busia police decry domestic violence spike...

One man reportedly battered his wife and sent her away with seven children over a piece of chicken.

Soroti men rapped for poor role in maternal,...

This is according to the latest finding from health workers at different facilities in Soroti.

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Katusabe's family wants Baguma set free

In a strange twist of events,the family of the late Donah Katusabe who was murdered by Kampala businessman Muhammed Ssebuwufu has written to the Director...

Parenting Tip: Check your kid's bag

Keeping track of what your child.

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Caned and fined for ‘having sex’ with in-law...

Osere denied having slept with his in-law but his claims were watered down by a revelation.

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When is the right time to date after divorce?...

“I ditched the idea of dating again and decided to look after my three children."

Kata 318x200

Katakwi man collapses, dies at in-law’s home...

“He returned and sat down after refusing to sit on the chair that he was offered."

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Jilted Lyantonde man kills wife, flees

The fugitive husband is understood to be a prominent barber in Lyantonde Town Council.

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'Ugandan Dads' photo exhibition

We present to you the top 13 photos from the competition courtesy of the Swedish Embassy.


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Donald Trump sworn in as 45th president...

The 70-year-old Republican billionaire placed his left hand on a bible used by Abraham Lincoln and recited the 35-word oath.