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Inspector General of Police (IGP), Gen. Kale Kayihura has called for calm following reports of a planned terrorist attack on Kampala.
    The UN Security Council on Thursday voted to cut 2,000 troops from the UN peacekeeping force in the Democratic Republic of Congo despite calls from Kinshasa for a bigger drawdown.
      Since colonial times, Pygmies have cohabited uneasily with majority Bantus, who are accused of exploiting the Pygmies.
        Apple chief Tim Cook is joining technology titans who have vowed to donate their wealth to charities.
          A civil servant who made up deaths, and even claimed he was going to the same person's funeral twice, has been sacked in Japan.
            The tourism and business community have described travel advisory issued Wednesday citing terrorist threats as counterproductive to the country and the global travel industry.
              The manager of a Chinese restaurant in Kenya at the centre of racism storm was charged Thursday with not having a work permit.
                An Indian village in a western coastal state has imposed a ban on couples kissing in public.
                  Notably most of the fathers were carrying young babies less than two months and did not mind helping their wives
                    Uganda said Thursday it was boosting security over threats by Somalia's Al-Shabaab militants, hours after the US embassy in Kampala warned its citizens of a possible imminent terror attack.
                      Will the ban of food vendors help eliminate typhoid?
                      Can't Say