The Future of Domestic Airlines in Uganda
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Today the common man is in the midst of a number of problems. It might range from the increase in the fuel price and food inflation to the decrease in the value of Shilling. 

As we look forward to growing economically, soon or later more demand for the domestic flights will increase not on a gradual basis but at a much faster pace irrespective of the status and creed. 
The increase in demand for domestic flights will also suggest the high dependence of people on the fastest mode rather than relying on other sectors like the road.
Domestic airlines are those that provide service between different cities/towns in the same country. They are a great option for business travelers who are always on the move, people who don't like driving for long distances, and just for people who simply want to get somewhere faster. 
It should be realized that an improved air service is critical to opening up the development of the economy that could contribute immensely to increased revenue. On the other hand, this would greatly make an improvement in the tourism sector within our country. 
Most of the Ugandans have a culture of travelling upcountry especially during the weekends for both leisure and other businesses. 
On average one spends about 4-5 hours on the road, alone in the car with an intention of making an upcountry to and fro journey on the same day. Of course all this comes along with fatigue, increased expenses on the fuel and more time wasted. 
There is therefore need for domestic flights mainly because of growing traffic and to improve connectivity.  
An example can be given of one person who intends to travel to Gulu for a quick business deal with an intention of coming back on the same day. This will on average take them approximately 6 hours to and fro as compared to a domestic airline which could take 1 hour and 20 minutes to and fro on top of reduced cost of travel.  
One of the advantages of domestic flights is that they have a faster turnaround time, in case they are turning around with passengers. Most domestic airlines could offer service many times a week between multiple cities/towns. 
As I write this, we do have more than 25 airfields around the country some of which were constructed long time ago during other regimes. These include among others Adjumani, Arua, Pakuba, Bundibugyo, Fort Portal, Gulu, Jinja, Kisoro, Kidepo, Kabalega falls, Kakira, Kotido, Kasese, Kitgum, Lake Goerge Kasenyi, Lira, Mbarara, Masindi, Moroto, Mweya, Pakuba, Kihihi, Ishasha, Kaiso, Chobe, Soroti, Kajjansi and Tororo. 
All the mentioned airfields some of which need major rehabilitation and good maintenance will ease on the transport problems and also create more convenience. 
Although there are existing domestic airlines in Uganda, these need to be boosted more in form of infrastructure of our airfields.  The future will be bright when one will be in position to make a quick to and fro trip. 
This will not only reduce on the costs, but will save time by reducing delays and also on the rate of accidents caused mainly by careless indviduals. 
Frank Kweronda
The Writer is a Civil Engineer

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The Future of Domestic Airlines in Uganda
Today the common man is in the midst of a number of problems. It might range from the increase in the fuel price and food inflation to the decrease in the value of Shilling....
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