Luweero election campaigns heat up
Publish Date: May 20, 2014
Luweero election campaigns heat up
President Yoweri Museveni campaigning for the NRM candidate Rebecca Nalwanga in Luweero. PHOTO: Roderick Ahimbazwe
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By Vision reporter

President Yoweri Museveni who is also the National Chairman of the National Resistance Movement has urged Ugandans to shun politicians who have specialized in telling lies to gain political support which he said was a great betrayal to the electorate and politically suicidal.

He said leaders must always speak the truth because managing a country is not easy and because majority don't know what to do and forget the core values of what they are supposed to do.

"Our work is not for propaganda or for the media, we work to solve problems like we have solved the peace and security for the country and all this needs money," he said.

Brenda Nabukenya of the Democratic party campaigning in Ndejje, Luwero district for the Luwero Woman MP seat PHOTO: Roderick Ahimbazwe

The President poked at the opposition which he said continuously criticize government for `not doing this or that' and wondered what they have done for their `own home'.

"If you are passing through your neighbours garden, you don't care stepping on the crops because it is not yours, but if you are going through your own, you are careful not to destroy. You are saying government should do this or that, what have you done in your own home," he said.

Museveni said that while some government programs are partially implemented and some pledges are partially fulfilled, government budgets and prioritizes in implementing the national programs.

President  Yoweri  Museveni campaigning for NRM candidate Rebecca Nalwanga in Luweero

"We can't make miracles in NRM, we deliver to the nation using the available resources and through hard work and sweat and we can't propagate lies. Even during the bush war some people attempted to make us attack Kampala before sufficient preparations but we resisted them, exercised patience and that contributed to our success. Those who don't know the turkey (Ssekoko) think you eat it with its feathers. You have to remove the feathers to eat the meat. For us we are focused on development not lies or exaggeration we tell it to you as it is. You have to prioritise the things that you do," he said.

Museveni was speaking at a grand rally held at Wobulenzi Town Council in Luwero District and later at another rally at Kasana-Luwero while campaigning for the National Resistance Movement flag bearer in the Luwero district woman member of parliament by-election Rebecca Nalwanga.

Picking from the prayers of the religious leaders at the campaign who said leadership comes from God, the President said leaders need to know that God's servants dont tell lies.

Brenda Nabukenya of the Democratic Party campaigning in Ndejje, Luweero district

"As you know leadership comes from God and leaders need to know that God's servants don't tell lies to the people they lead. How can you say you produce children but cant look after them? The energy you use while making them should be used to look after them," he said.

He noted that government prioritized infrastructure development especially roads, electricity, UPE and USE and many other programs. He highlighted Kawempe-Luweero-Kafu-Karuma-Gulu-Atiak-Nimule as one of such projects that has cost a lot of funds and called for patience as more funds are being realized for implementation of more programs.

He urged the population not to vote back the DP leaders whom he said had failed to define their political agenda but rather promoted religious sectarianism warning the citizens not to resurrect the ghosts of DP in the region.

He caution Ugandans in general and the people of Luwero in particular not to take their vote and political power for granted because if poorly used it could negatively impact on service delivery.

On the negative propaganda by the opposition on the nonpayment of arrears of the veteran's, the President clarified that the National Resistance Movement inherited many arrears of veterans right from Amin, Obote and NRA veterans.

"If you are the lst to sleep in the bed you make it. If you inherit problems from your father you solve them. The NRM inherited problems from previous governments and we have a responsibility to solve them. Every year government commits some money towards veterans settlements. We cant do it at ago because there are so many needs. We need to prioritise," he said, adding however that all their settlements will be met.

He urged Ugandans to also do their part and work to overcome household poverty noting that even if the government provided all the necessary infrastructures, if citizens don't utilize tem to defeat poverty the country will not develop.

The President received hundreds of youth from the Democratic party who defected to the NRM. the leading FDC mobiliser Kansiime Peace added fuel to the fire when she removed her coat and doned a yellow T-shirt saying if you cant beat the NRM you join it.

"I have realised weaknesses in FDC. The former leader of FDC Kizza Besigye when he is at the rally he does not allow our new leader Mugisha Muntu to talk. He is the one who wants to be seen. This is not fair," she said before pledging to work with the NRM which she said is transparent.


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