Save Lake Victoria
Let us stand up for Lake Victoria
Publish Date: May 16, 2014
Let us stand up for Lake Victoria
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In the second year of our campaign to save Lake Victoria, Vision Group media platforms will, until June 5, run investigative articles, programmes and commentaries highlighting the irresponsible human activities threatening the world’s second largest fresh water lake. Today, we look at the damage being done to Lake Victoria in pictures.

(PHOTOs by Maria Wamala)

Algae choking Lake Victoria at Port Bell

Houses too close to the shores of Lake Victoria

Men washing cars on the shores of Lake Victoria at Port Bell

Poor urban planning: A slum in Kinawataka wetland, Kampala, which lacks toilets. Residents use polythene bags to ease themselves, which end up in Lake Victoria

Soil piled into Kinawataka wetland, Kampala

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