Drama as Dubai trader pursues wife at in-laws
Publish Date: Apr 27, 2014
Drama as Dubai trader pursues wife at in-laws
Mayanja looks stunned as his mother-in-law lays him bare
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By Ali Kizza

An electronics trader in the city caused pandemonium when he stormed his in-laws' home after a tip-off that his wife was packing and leaving.

Abdukarim Mayanja, 35, who operates at Galiraaya arcade in the city was tipped by a friend that his wife was packing everything in the house and leaving.

Mayanja hopped on a bodaboda that rushed him to Nanfuka Zone in Nateete, but was a tad late as the woman had already left.

Mayanja, according to neighbours, rushed to Nateete police and filed a case of theft against his wife, Fatuma Babirye, 28.

He then led the police to his in-laws' home in Nakabugo Zone near Bulenga along Mityana road

On arrival, they found Hajati Fatuma Nambajjwe sweeping the compound as the runaway bride sat nearby. Caught unawares she instantly fled into the house and locked up herself in a bedroom. Then all hell broke loose.

Like a wounded animal, Hajati, gesturing to her son-in-law to leave, accused him of being stingy.

"Ever since you married my daughter you have never given her anything yet you claim to be rich," she fired.

"For you to buy a bed I had to first report to the LC chairman; even buying bed sheets was a hustle!"

Transfixed and stunned at her bluntness, Mayanja froze as Hajati let of volley after another.

"You don't even buy cutlery at home; not until it all gets dirty and worn out like it's used by porters!"

She then told the police: "You better take this man before I slap him; I have been patient enough and have always intervened in their misunderstandings but patience too has run out."

The Police at this point turned spectators as the Hajati laid the man bare to their amusement.

Seemingly trounced and embarrassed, Mayanja hopped into his car to drive off as his mother-in-law unleashed more volleys.

The daughter, who was barricaded in a bedroom, flung open the window and joined the mother as they turned Mayanja into pulp.

"The three years I have spent with you have been a waste of time. You took the car that you gave me at my introduction and even refused me to work," Babirye announced.

"I got to an extent of asking my mother for money to buy panties because the ones I had were all torn!"

Babirye went to great length to express her exasperation when she broke the bed after failing to take it so they could both lose it.

She took custody of their three children saying the man could not look after them. "All you do is boast around that you are rich yet the small house you have is not even befitting of a man like yourself," she said.

The couple wedded on August 24, 2008, but three years down the road Mayanja became a different man. Babirye accused him of womanising while she withered away at home.

Babirye sought the intervention of LCs who advised her to take their issues to Old Kampala mosque where they were wedded. However Mayanja pledged to reform and give her a better life.

Mayanja is a renowned businessman with a chain of Dubai Electronics shops in the city and Masaka.

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