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Musicians awarded
Publish Date: Feb 03, 2014
Musicians awarded
Bobi Wine greets Gervase Ndyanabo, the Chief Operations Officer for Vision Group, at the ceremony. Looking on is New Vision Features Editor John Eremu
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By Gloria Nakajubi

Glamour sealed the Twaweza Initiative and Buzz Event’s project at Serena Kampala Hotel last Friday evening. Nominated musicians graced the event that ran for two months, highlighting artistes, who have made a difference in the society with their songs, on all Vision Group platforms.

It was not an easy call nominating artistes with positive influence since the local music industry is brimmed with so many singers, but going by the nominations that streamed in from fans, seems music lovers have learnt to listen attentively to those local songs with richer messages.

Twaweza Initiative captured artistes of all genres that had music calling for accountability and service delivery. Music that highlighted a number of social evils like corruption and poor governance among others. At the red-carpet event that was also broadcasted live on all Vision Group’s television stations, and hosted by comedian Richard Tuwangye, invited artistes from all parts of the country beamed with excitement knowing their names had been put on a glorious pedestal.

“You know some people think you have to sing about love and sex to be recognised, but these are not the most pressing issues in society if you are not economically empowered, you may not have the pleasure of enjoying love,” said Joseph Emong, an artiste from Amuria district, recognised for his song Women Of Change.

Beatrice Akello displays her certificate

“This is very humbling and I am grateful because it has been a prayer from myself and my family to see many more other artistes join up to do songs that are critical to the problems in our society,” said Angela Katatumba, another singer recognised on the night.

Deus Mukalazi, Twaweza’s programme officer, promised more projects encouraging local musicians to record songs with positive impact will follow while Vision Group’s Chief Operation Officer, Gervase Ndyanabo, called upon artistes to continuously work towards creating positive impact in their communities. Entertainment came from poetic Nudu Umuringa and Beverly Nambozo, founder of Babishai Niwe Peotry Foundation.

Tina Byaruhanga of Buzz Media Hands over a certificate to Michael Ross

Award Winners

  • Fred Ssebatta
  •  Benezeri
  •  Mathias Walukagga
  • Stella Maris Bukirwa
  •  Davido Spider
  • Judith Babirye
  •  Dan Mugula
  • Maro Santana
  •  GNL Zamba
  • Angella Katatumba
  • Moris Hassa
  •  Richard Kaweesa
  • Johnson Emong 
  • Bobi Wine
  •  Irene Ntale
  • Micheal Ross
  • Dr. Flexxy Peace Mbabazi
  •  Benon Mugumbya

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