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Church warns on witchcraftPublish Date: Dec 29, 2013
Church warns on witchcraft
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Archbishop Cyprian Lwanga blesses the rings of the 41 couples he wedded at Namugongo shrine on December 30, 2013. PHOTO/Wilfred Sanya

By John Agaba

Married women who go to witch doctors so they can stop their husbands from going to other women have been asked to stop the vice.

Rev. Fr. Jacinto Kibuuka, the Lubaga Hospital Chaplain, said some women are visiting witch doctors to keep their husbands, and admonished the practice.

The priest was preaching at the Namugongo Catholic Shrine on Sunday ahead of the Holy Family Day main service the same day where a total of 41 couples were joined in Holy Matrimony.

"Many marriages are failing because we are seeking satan to come and solve our problems," he said.

"You put things under the bed. You put things in his food and in his drink because you don't want him to go," he added.

He said that marriage was based on love, faithfulness, trust and forgiveness.

"These are the virtues that make marriage. There should be tolerance. And you should be understanding. If he comes late at night, talk to him that it bothers you. Don't run to the witch doctor."

The Holy Family Day is celebrated every first Sunday after Christmas among Christians in remembrance of the Home of Nazareth where Jesus was brought up by Mary and Joseph.

It is a day for the married to reflect on their marriage and renew their vows.

Kibuuka said that there was other couples who go to witch doctors because they want riches, their children to perform better in school, victory over their 'enemies'.

"The moment you invite satan in your home, you are finished," he said.

"At first you may be deceived because everything is working according to plan but soon, the children start falling sick, there is no peace, all the riches start going and the home is broken," he said.

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