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2013: They cried, cursed in the name of lovePublish Date: Dec 29, 2013
2013: They cried, cursed in the name of love
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Princess Komuntale and Christopher Thomas’s marriage was short-lived.

2013 has been a year awash with love scandals among top politicians, royal families and celebrities. Brian Mayanja navigated the issue and he brings back what exactly happened.


In February, Balaam Barugahare, a celebrated music promoter, pronounced that he was heartbroken by the love of his life and only person he had identified and groomed to be his wife for the past four years. 

Josephine Karungi, an anchor on a local TV, threw a spanner in his romantic walks and walked down the aisle with another man, Swangs Avenue producer Vinc Musisi, in a private wedding. 

When Karungi was contacted, she denied having an affair with Barugahare.


On October 25, there were reports alleging that Daniel Kigozi aka Navio, a renowned Hip Hop musician, introduced his latest girlfriend, Mathilda Holm to his family. 

The introduction allegedly took place at his mother’s home in Rubaga, a city suburb. Holm came into Navio’s life when he already had Sophie Mishka Rusoke, the mother of his two children. 

Navio’s new relationship was not welcomed by his close friends.


Following misunderstandings between Toro Kingdom princess Ruth Komuntale and her husband, Duke Christopher Thomas, in October, Komuntale publically announced the end of the marriage. 

This shocked the country and the world, especially people who were closer to the couple. The sad incident happened barely a year after taking vows in a church ceremony that attracted people from all walks of life. 

Komuntale said ever since they got married, their marriage had failed to get onto the right path. She accused her husband of domestic violence, drinking too much alcohol and being unfaithful.

“Due to the continuous abuse I have endured in my marriage, this week, I told Chris we needed a break from our relationship, until I could be certain I will never be physically or emotionally abused again. Christopher responded by going into a rage and threatened to destroy my reputation and that of my family, unless I stayed with him. He gave me an ultimatum to change my mind in five minutes or he would publically humiliate me, but I refused to give in to his usual controlling tricks,” Komuntale said in a statement.

Later, Thomas apologised to his wife and also requested to be counselled as a couple. A post on his facebook page read: “I apologise for the things I said about you, if it was true or not, I should have kept it to myself because I am a Christian.”


Joel Isabirye, a radio consultant married Rebecca Jingo, a musician. However, their wedding survived being called off. It is alleged that Isabirye was marrying for the fourth time in less than 10 years. 

Ritah Kaggwa, a UK-based woman, insisted that she was the official wife, causing the marriage to be at standstill.


Many women dream of marrying rich men, but Rose Nankumba, the wife of city businessman David Katumwa, has a different story to tell. In February, Nankumba dragged Katumwa to the Uganda Association of Women Lawyers (FIDA) for neglecting his family. 

She wanted to share Katumwa’s wealth so that she would be able to take care of their children. The couple reportedly separated a month ago and Nankumba is said to be living with her parents in Kireka, a Kampala suburb.


He was unlucky that his relationship developed cracks this month. Since March, Ssettimba and Rose Kabahumuza have been living together, but recently, Settimba separated with Kabahumuza at Wakiso Police Station, accusing her of adultery.

Kabahumuza had dragged Ssettimba to Police, accusing him of throwing her property out of their house. 

Instead of settling the matter amicably, Ssettimba told Kabahumuza never to step in his house again.


As the battle between the Lord Mayor, Erias Lukwago and KCCA councillors intensified, Namugenyi, faced another battle at home.

Her husband threw her out of the house, accusing her of infidelity. Namugenyi’s husband came back to the country this year without notifying her. 

Instead of catching up on the lost times with his wife, the man threw her out of his house. 

However, Namugenyi denied that she had been thrown out of the house, saying they had separated long ago. 

She said her political opponents were trying to blackmail her.


She was, on February 3, allegedly caught by her husband, Mahad Sentongo, with another man in their marital home. Sentongo, 38, who had returned from Japan, fought with the intruder, but was overpowered and beaten into coma. 

He was hospitalised at Kibuli Hospital.


He was dumped in November by his fiancée, Jemimah Kyazze, after spending nine months with her.

The problem partly stemmed from Kirya always keeping his hand on the surface whenever it came to spending. Jemimah’s parents also had doubts about him because of tabloid reports. 

Jemimah says the relationship was not meant to be because they had different views.

She notes that after breaking up, she is not ready to get engaged yet, but the person to marry her would not be a Ugandan.


On June 23, Ibra Mpiima, a businessman in Natete, a Kampala suburb, was caught in a love scandal, while being introduced by his second wife, Rahma Nambassa, to her parents. Mpiima’s first wife, Hadijah Nakibuuka attended the function and she sat in a row right behind him. 

The introduction ceremony went on smoothly without any problem, but at the time of serving cake, Mpiima knelt before Nakibuuka as he served her. Nakibuuka also picked a piece of cake and served Mpiima.

He then got a microphone and introduced her as his first wife and even asked her to come forward and greet the guests, but Nakibuuka refused.

Mpiima then asked Nakibuuka to select any month in 2014, when her introduction would be held.

Guests who knew the couple applauded Nakibuuka for attending her co-wife’s ceremony.

Mpiima had been with Nakibuuka and Nambassa for 12 and nine years, respectively.


Uganda’s former Big Brother Africa representative was accused of snatching Zari Hassan’s man and the father of her three sons, Ivan Ssemwanga. 

In June, rumours circulated that the two lovebirds were meeting in Munyonyo and Sharon O was pregnant. 

However, after some time Semwanga went back to Zari.

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