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Ngamaba Island Chimpanzee Kingship Battle UpdatePublish Date: Dec 27, 2013
Ngamaba Island Chimpanzee Kingship Battle Update
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By Gerald Tenywa. 

Ngamba Island has turned into a scene of plots and counter plots. Gerald Tenywa brings you a summary of what has been taking place within the last three months.

Key highlights at Ngamba Island after Mika’s demise

22 September: Mika does not turn up in the evening

23 September: Search begins

5 October: Search begins

8 October: Mika’s remains found

11 October: Remains burried in the forest

25 November: Kisembo one of the contenders for alpha male bitten at the forehead by Kalema, another contender.

7 November: Mika memorial ceremony

8 November: Management and Staff resolved to Integrate Asega in the forest considering the political situation in the group. Integration of Asega began and is ongoing. Asega is a genuine full time friend of Kalema meaning Kalema has an additional ally in the forest. His support is growing bigger.

Leadership dynamics seen from contenders’ perspective



He has gained more support from Tumbo and Natasha who have been observed grooming him and present to him submissively {hugging and Inspecting}. Although he has Asega as a fulltime reliable friend, Asega is less influential in hierarchy and rarely intervenes in serious fights in support of Kalema.

When he enters the room in the holding facility mostly in the evenings, other individuals tend to avoid that room but he feeds well without compromising the others he finds in.

On a number of instances (mostly in the holding facility) Kalema has been observed instigating fear in Maisko who usually doesn’t want to be in the same room with him.

Robbie (The first Alpha male in the community)

At the moment, Robbie is docile and he is observed at times screaming when younger adults like Asega Mawa and Oketch display towards him. He has actually gone back to the family (Katie and Kyewunyo). He spends most of his time paying attention to youngsters than politics.


He is often observed displaying but this has been lessened a bit ever since Kalema bit him on the fore head on 25th October 2013. He has even escaped on some instances; however he still has an upper hand over Eddy whom he at times beats.


He is more in starting fights and displaying around but seems to care less on taking the leadership position. However he is a key figure in the group thus his support counts a lot.

Eddie (Former alpha male)

He is often observed displaying but still Eddie seems vision less. Charge displays are part of his day to day life but looks to be with any intentions of leading. However he has a good relationship with Tumbo


His intentions are also low now days but he is always observed in different displays.By Gerald Tenywa 

Indi, Bwambale and Oketch

Indi showed some interest in the leadership of the group after Mika’s death but this is no longer observed as he has also become docile. However, Bwambale and Oketch of recent have been observed participating in displays around the feeding area and holding facility attacking bigger individuals like Kidogo and Robbie.

In conclusion Kalema seems to be taking an upper hand but he still has to get the support of the bigger influential chimps like Kidogo, Maisko, Peace, Megan and Sophie. These individuals as the elders in the community their individual support to the aspiring alpha is very crucial in determining the alpha.

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