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Clash in church over anti-NRM remarksPublish Date: Dec 24, 2013
Clash in church over anti-NRM remarks
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Former Attorney General Kiddu Makubuya, pictured here in a file photo, defended the NRM government.

By Frederick Kiwanuka

Tempers flared during a church service when former Attorney General, Kiddu Makubuya clashed bitterly with Luweero FDC chairman, Bwanika Bbaale for being critical of the NRM in front of the congregation. 

A clearly irritated Makubuya, who is MP for Katikamu South, accused Bbaale of confusing as well as telling the worshipers lies.

"It is unfortunate that a person like you, who is aspiring for leadership, is confusing people with lies," he lashed at the opposition politician.

“You should wake up!” he told him inside Tweyanze Church of Uganda in Luweero.

The two politicians both had a chance to address the church during which Bbaale used the opportunity to fault the ruling NRM government’s policies.

He hit hard on the government, mentioning that it had run down social services in a speech highly peppered with hard-hitting anti-NRM remarks.

He talked of a deteriorating health system where health units are short of drugs and was also critical of the Universal Primary Education (UPE) programme, saying its products are half-baked.

The FDC man called on the attentive congregation to join the opposition in their crusade to dislodge the current government.

But he came under a direct attack when legislator Makubuya took the podium.

"I am surprised that you cannot see the difference between the NRM and the past regimes,” reacted the former Attorney General.

“During the past regimes you could not criticize a government without being arrested. Much as you are seeking leadership, you should not confuse the people by telling them lies.”

The church service synchronized with a fundraise for a youth fund ceremony which was presided over by Joseph Wamala, a private secretary for vice president Edward Sekandi.

Both the service and fundraise were held inside the fully-packed church.             

On taking the floor, Wamala joined Makubuya in attacking Bbaale, describing Bbaale’s speech as a 'pack of lies'.

"Bwanika Bbaale's words are of no use to you at this moment," he told the people.               

Urging the congregation to shun the opposition, Wamala advised Ugandans, especially the youth to instead work in unison for their future.               

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