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Last minute Christmas gift ideasPublish Date: Dec 22, 2013
Last minute Christmas gift ideas
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Ladies and handbags are inseparable and if you get her one, you will sure have made her Christmas

By Gloria Nakajubi

Have you bought what you planned for all the people on your gifting list? For last-minute gift shopping, consider gifts that will not take long to search for and are not difficult to wrap. This can be accomplished in a blink of an eye. Here is a quick guide.

There is no need to spend a whole day searching around stores for gifts, yet there are simple gift ideas that will bring a smile on the face of your loved one.

What to consider


In most cases, as you rush through the different stores, you risk being exploited. Set your budget and work to see that whatever you purchase is within the set budget.


Sometimes, during last minute shopping, we tend to compromise on the quality of the things we are purchasing. Remember this is a gift and whoever will receive it will always attach your name to it, so it had better be of remarkable quality.

Likes and dislikes

Knowing the interests of the recipient is a good tip to ease your gift shopping.

Gift ideas

Chocolate and candy

The truth is, some people do not outgrow certain things and therefore, for kids and ladies, a well-wrapped chocolate or candy still comes in handy, especially during those rush hours.

Home ware

There is a variety of gift ideas in this category and depending on the kind of person you want to buy for, or the impression you intend to make, home ware will do for just about anyone as long as they have a home.

From friends to relatives and even your own parents, pop into a regular supermarket or home ware shop for something nice and valuable. You can pick a set of cups, tea towels, decorative art, cushion covers, among others.


For that creative personality or one who loves nature, these are great gifts to tickle their emotions this Christmas. You do not need a full day to do this, since we have a number of specialised craft villages and shops, just browse through the stalls and you will find something appropriate for a gift.


The boys and men in your life do not require a lot of thinking to please. Get them that nice gadget for example a designer watch, phone, videogames, camera and ipad and they will be sorted. Shops that deal in such products tend to be open for long hours and the attendants can guide you on picking the best.


Ladies love jewellery and some cannot do without that little embellishment. How about you spend some shillings and get her that set that she has always admired. Jewellery will appeal to the mother, wife, girlfriend and the sister. For a safe bet, stick to classics like pearls, single-colour stones or gold and silver without elaborate designs.

Bottle of wine

Before you give people wine, you have to be sure they actually take it or it may be an insult to others. Daddy, the boss or your big brother can have this for Christmas.


These are appropriate for the gentlemen and official persons in your life. You do not want to give a tie to someone who is always casually dressed. Be sure they will never use it.

Ties are easily found not only in boutiques, but also at the gift section of some supermarkets and some come in boxed sets with cufflinks.


This is another great idea for the girlfriend or the wife and you will leave them excited this Christmas. They are readily available in many supermarkets, but be sure to examine the size carefully. Check on the ones displayed to make sure the labels of Small, Large, XL, etc match your beloved’s size.

Desk organiser

This is appropriate for the professionals; it could be your daddy, friend, colleague at work or your boss.


The ladies love their shoes, so how about you pick nice stiletto or peep-toe shoes for her. Even the little girls in the house will love a gift of shoes. As always, make sure you got their sizes right or try an alternative gift.

Designer shirt and cufflinks

This is appropriate for the husband or the stylish brother and their Christmas wardrobe will be sorted.

Free-style care kit

This includes shavers, scissors, aftershave and many other accessories that help keep the men in check. So if you want to inspire or enhance those traits in someone this Christmas, go for it.


Ladies and handbags are inseparable and if you get her one, you will sure have made her Christmas and she will not forget you since the handbag is always closest to her.

Gift vouchers are another way to ensure your special people know you are thinking of them and they give them a chance to choose exactly what they want.

You might have to be generous when giving a voucher, for small amounts tend to look somewhat miserable when written down on the voucher, compared to a real gift whose monetary value is not immediately obvious.

Wrapping options

Depending on the type of gifts, there are as many options to pick from as possible to give your gift that special look. These include wrapping papers, gift bags, gift boxes, gift baskets and wine bags.

They are available in shops down town and all supermarkets. The prices vary, depending on the type of gift and where you buy it from, but they range from sh2,500.

Finally, in your rush, do not forget to remove the price tag from your gift!

Merry Christmas to you all!

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