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An angry Mandela and my Samsung experiencePublish Date: Dec 13, 2013
An angry Mandela and my Samsung experience
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I will remember Nelson Madiba Mandela, as a very pissed off politician

By Kalungi Kabuye

It has been a crazy couple of weeks in my life. First the world’s leading statesman was finally declared dead and the whole world went into mourning, understandably so.

Anybody who ever posed for a picture with Mandela dug it up. I did not pose for a picture, but I did meet him, and boy, was he an angry old man. Meanwhile my old friend the Blackberry phone started acting up on me.

The angry Mandela

The year was 2003, and we had just witnessed the finale of the first ever Big Brother Africa, won by Zambia’s Cherise. The morning after many of the media had boarded planes back to their countries when word came through that all further departures had been postponed, what was going on? We were told plans were underway to meet a very important person.

It was not till we drove into the grounds of the Nelson Mandela Foundation that we could even suspect who we would meet.

After being ushered into a conference hall we were told no flash photography was allowed. Those days we still used films, and all I had on me were 200 ISO rolls, so chances of getting a decent picture inside the hall were low.

But the man soon came into the hall and posed for pictures with Cherise, and then he started talking. We had no idea what he would say, or if he had watched Big Brother.

But he then tore into the government of the then South Africa President Thabo Mbeki. He complained how they ignored him, and would not listen to anything he said. He spoke about the sacrifices they had all made, and how they would all be in vain if Mbeki continued with the direction he was taking.

I think we were all in shock, because when he stopped speaking he just left. We had hoped to take pictures with him outside where the light was good, but by the time we recovered the car was pulling away. So that is the way I will remember Nelson Madiba Mandela, as a very pissed off politician.

My Samsung experience

Three months ago, after several hectic  years with a Blackberry, I got myself a Samsung Galaxy S4, a neat little phone, and I thought all my phone frustrations had ended.

It took a while to get used to, but I was getting the hang of it, until all of a sudden the battery started acting up. It got so bad that a full charge lasted just 30 minutes. It was very frustrating because it had become my virtual office – all my e-mails, messages and any other contacts got to me via my phone.

So off I went to the MTN Service Centre at Forest mall, where the technician said the battery had a ‘swelling’ problem, and it was overheating. A new one will cost me sh140,000, he said. But he wouldn’t take VISA, and I didn’t have enough cash on me, so I said I would be  back.

Then I remembered that I should have a warranty, so called up the people who sold it to me, and they said, sure, Samsung should be able to replace the battery at no cost. To the Samsung shop on Jinja Road I went, but they had run out, it would take a week before they got any more.

A guy there offered to get me an ‘original’ from the Simba Telecom shop near La Bonita at sh120,000. They also wouldn’t take VISA, which meant I would have to go to the ATM for cash. So we agreed I would go to the ATM at Forest mall and he would find me at the office.

On my way to the ATM I passed the Simba shop in Lugogo and decided to pop in, and sure enough, they had the batteries, but at sh100,000, and I quickly bought one. The guy from Samsung didn’t take it too bad when he finally showed up with his ‘original.’ So it means with that replacement next week, I will have two batteries. Not bad at all.


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