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Tribute to the great MandelaPublish Date: Dec 09, 2013
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The father of the nation has gone to sleep, but unmatched he remains
High in profile but great humility equals you to the most ordinary
Unequaled leader who chose to live in simplicity
Wisdom was written all over your face
And each time you communicated, you resounded with inspiration
Oh, great Mandela, what a Hero you're!
You're the greatest advocate of peace
You're the icon of emotional Intelligence
You mastered playing your enemies and emerged victor
You Sacrificed your freedom to salvage the black race
Yes, you loved democracy and showed it with your virtues
You're gone but your Legacy will forever erect immortal!
A great gift to man kind
A great leader
A great husband
A great father
A great grandpa
A great and special species you're indeed, oh Sweet Mandela!
Ninety five years of great selfless service to humanity

You lived life to completeness and gave it your all
Your words of counsel ever so impeccable for principled leadership
Those who embraced them have a great leadership in time to come
Those who ignored them await their consciences to haunt them eternally
Your love for Africa reflected your pure and selfless spirit!

You smiled and lit up hearts

You ached and the world pained

You closed your eyes and bid us bye

The world praised God for you and celebrated your life

May you forever look on with gladness in Praise of your creator

Your Legacy of uncommon leadership will light for all eternity

Fare thee well, Oh Madiba, the greatest leadership icon ever recorded in history!

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