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Use the holiday season to groom your childrenPublish Date: Dec 03, 2013
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By John Vianney Ahumuza

The December and January holidays are on. Our children have successfully done exams. Candidate classes have equally done their best and their holidays will soon stretch to different levels next year.

Primary Seven candidates will break the silence first followed by Senior Four and Senior Six respectively next year. Other school going students will report in late January and early February next year.

It is; indeed, true that school teaching programmes are so tight. Equally are the parents working schedule that often stretches from almost Monday to Sunday. The young population forms the majority of our population pyramid. According to the 2010 revision of the World Population Prospects , the proportion of children below the age of 15  was 48.4%, 49.1% was between 15 and 65 years of age, while 2.5% was 65 years or older. This implies that the young children form a back bone of our nation.

In the above context, parents and guardians must utilise this long holiday to increase their bonding with their children. They must equally monitor the behaviour of their children so as to guide and groom them in an ethical manner. Girls must be offered extra support and care  since of late some section of the public have become sexual predators molesting children of all ages. Shameless cases of rape sometimes by relatives, in-laws or even some parents have been reported by female children!

We must be each other’s keepers my fellow countrymen.  We must equally engage our students in numerous home activities, if they are of age. Let us decentralise home activities to our children. It is time for house girls to have a break or leave. Activities like washing clothes, home utensils, cleaning the compound and the house keep our children busy that watching television all day.

Another vice parents must monitor closely is sports betting!  Some male children seem to be obsessed with this habit lately. Parents must be aware about this habit and employ appropriate mitigation measures. Some parents, especially in the countryside, are often under pressure to send their children in vacation to their relatives in urban areas. This may be good in case such a child gets work in town but equally disastrous in case one fails to get work and is simply idle. Young minds need to be occupied with good activities to save them from succumbing to evil reflections.

No matter how good the construction materials may be, if the foundation is shaky forget about a great building. Similarly our children provide a strong foundation for our nation, if we groom them in an ethical life to make them good citizens. Schools, religious institutions like churches and the government complement the foundation laid down by parents, guardians, relatives and in laws.

Let us provide support to our young children in all ways to uphold a civil society. Students must also respect society and become responsible. Ethical responsible children are a reflection of stable and progressive families world over.


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