Save Lake Victoria
Human activities killing Lake Victoria
Publish Date: May 07, 2013
Human activities killing Lake Victoria
Waste from unplanned settlements like this kraal at Ggaba landing site end up in the lake providing food for the growth of algae, a green matter in water that has increased water treatment at Ggaba Water Works
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By Maria wamala and Enock Kakande

Until World Environment Day, June 5, in a campaign, Save Lake Victoria, Vision Group media platforms is running investigative articles, programmes and commentaries highlighting the irresponsible human activities threatening the world’s largest fresh water lake.We bring you images captured from various spots around the lake.


 Boat making at Ggaba landing site. The mukebu tree species that is popular for boat making faces extinction if nothing is urgently done to conserve or promote its planting


The uncollected waste and soil that are washed into the lake provide food to the water hyacinth. The water hyacinth on the lake is an indicator of massive pollution

Establishment of beaches and settlements right into the lake in disregard of the 200-metre protection zone are a danger to the lake. The National Environment Management Authority should be contacted for compliance and monitoring


Firewood from the islands in Lake Victoria being ferried away from Ggaba landing site. Deforestation is one of the human activities that is exposing soil to erosion and silting of the lake


Plastic waste do not only clog drainage channels but are carried into the where they suffocate young fish and could also get into the food chain which is harmful to humans as well


Over fishing and the catching of immature fish is accelerating the depleting of fish stocks in the country.

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