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14-year-old girl takes on HIV/AIDS fight
Publish Date: Dec 27, 2012
14-year-old girl takes on HIV/AIDS fight
Moro talking to her peers about behaviour change
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At her tender age, she has managed to set up a project, Advice for Change, mainly targeting youth living in the slums.

Moro, an S2 student at Kairos High School in Bukasa, lives in Acholi Quarters, one of the biggest slums.

“I set up this project, mainly to create awareness about HIV/AIDS such that people may know how to prevent themselves from getting the disease and how they should get medication once they are infected,” Moro says.

“The project also encourages people living with the disease to live without fear because it is not the end of the world since they are still needed by the commu­nity,” Moro says.

She adds that the project has helped the youth become self-confident and they are able to express themselves in the community and bring up different kinds of ideas concerning HIV/AIDS.

What inspired you to set up this project?

The overwhelming number of orphans in the country. HIV/AIDS is one of the reasons why there are many orphans in the world and if one is taught how to prevent HIV/AIDS, it will reduce on the number of orphans in Uganda.

What is your target group?

I sensitise children from the age of 13 to15, but I am also looking forward to sensitising adults starting next year. 

Have you lost someone to HIV/AIDS?

Actually, my aunt died from HIV/AIDS because she was not aware of what to do and she was afraid of taking ARVs.

I was hurt and seeing her children’s suffering hurts more because they do not have anyone to look after them. When one loses his or her parent, they will remain lonely. This can affect the child’s future as well.

Where do you get the information about HIV/AIDS?

I use the internet to get information about HIV/AIDS, research books and other networks.

Who funds this project?

I had donors when the project had just started in August 2011, but since they did not have enough funding, they pulled out. The donors would help in transpor­tation of members if we were going out on a trip and provided us with funds for snacks.  My parents could not support me because they do not have the funds.

What are your future plans?

I intend to expand my project to the northern part of Uganda because they have suffered more than 20 years due to the LRA insurgency.

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