Lost Children
By Gladys Kalibbala 
Cucu sent away by brother 
Florence Cucu, 12, is a P.4 pupil of Makwa Primary School near Jinja town, where her mother, Fatuma, from Karamoja, is a resident. She is stranded at Kawempe Police where she was taken by a Good Samaritan who picked her around Bwaise.
She was to spend her holidays at her brother Bosco Rhosolo’s home in Nakasongola, but he sent her away with sh10,000. She tried to take a taxi home, but was dumped in Bwaise because the money was not enough to take her to Kampala. To assist her, contact 0772646348
Mulere reported employer
Sarah Mulere, 12, stormed Kawempe Police Station to report mistreatment by her employer, Leticia. She said Leticia picked her from Matany village in Karamoja, where she has been a P3 pupil of Kangole Girls’ School, to look after a baby. Mulere said Leticia slapped her whenever she had problems with her work. “I could not tolerate this, so I asked the Police to intervene and take me back home,” she said.  To pick her contact 0772646348
Nassuna lost her way
Hadija Nassuna, 7, was found in Kirokole zone in Kawempe. She had just joined Good Samaritan Primary School, Nansana in P1. Her teacher is Dorah and she lives with her Aunt Namusisi at Kibwa zone, Nansana. She was sent to buy tomatoes for sh500, but lost her way back home because she had not lived in Nansana for long. Her father is Farouk Kateregga who sells phones in Kampala. To pick her contact 0772630267 at Kawempe Police Station.
Masika escaped from Kasese
Immaculate Masika, 15, turned up at Vision Group offices at 9:00pm looking for her mother, Beatrice Kabibi. The P.7 Pupil of Nyamwamba Primary School in Kasese said the contact person who was supposed to link her to her mother, did not know her mother at all. Masika was handed over to Jinja Road Police, where her mother found her the following morning. It was later revealed that she had escaped from her father, Edison Mugabe’s home in Kasese. 
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