Gulu man kills uncle over dead dog

By Wilfred Lamony

For the love of a dog, his uncle had to die. 26-year old Sunday Okello is under police holding for allegedly killing his uncle, who is said to have poisoned his dog.

Okello was arrested for spearing his uncle, Geoffrey Ocaya dead on Saturday.

At about 9.30pm Saturday evening, the Gulu Officer-in-Charge, CID received a desperate call from a resident of Lakwati village, Koro sub-county in Gulu district.

Officer John Bosco Ojele explains that the late evening caller, gasping between his breaths, spoke of a man in the village who had been spiked dead by his nephew and that the attacker had later turned ‘wild and violent’ in the village.

Thirty minutes later, Ojele reached the scene of crime and found Ocaya’s body soaked in a pool of blood beside the road. The victim’s shoes and a blood-dripping spear lay just beside the lifeless form. In the dead man’s back, there was a massive wound, very likely caused by the spear.

Locals present at the scene claimed that the deceased was speared by his nephew [Okello] following a brawl between the two over the latter’s dead dog.

Okello accused his uncle of poisoning to death his dog a month back.

Since the death of the dog, Okello had promised to slay his uncle, the residents say.

The fatal incident prompted the police to mount a search for Okello, who was at large. The fugitive was smoked out of his hiding at about 4pm on Sunday.

Ojele says the police search team found Okello with four knives and wounds in his back. The wounds suggested that he had a fight with his uncle before overpowering and stabbing him to death.

One of the locals said he saw Okello and his uncle drinking together in a bar at Abole trading centre on the evening of the crime. He told of how the two later engaged in a fight which might have led to the fatal event.

According to officer Ojele, Okello is said to have gone ahead after the killing and set Ocaya’s house on fire. Ocaya’s body was taken to Gulu Central Police station as a first step towards a possible autopsy.

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Ingram Kampe | Edmonton
You can''t judge until you have drunk LILA LILA-a potent gin,I must say,brewed up there.
Arnold.tumusiime | Aden adellah
If he loved da dog than the uncle.let him also go where da dog is.
Peter Muhwezi | Mbarara
Oh gosh,we still have along way to go.UNCLE''S LIFE=dog,s life,may God have mercy on us!!!!!!!.For GOD & my country......
James Oriekot | Kampala
This is unbelievable. For a Dogs life, his Uncle had to loose his. Jesus Christ,come back and save us.
Justine | Kabale
For sure this is madness! Uncle being equalised with a DOG! Indeed, Oh Uganda May God uphold thee as the Anthem goes because this is beyond one''s imagination
Muganda Willis | Nairobi
It is awful. A dog''s life can''t match a human being''s. Muganda Willis, KENYA.
Ami Emmanuel Khamsin | Juba
Jesus Christ! this is inhuman and very bad act which shouldn''t continue in this community, just becos of a dog u kill ur uncle? there must be s different reason for the killing.
Stanley | Kampala
These types of acts of outright murder are now rampant in Uganda among all types of societies, the elite inclusive. Personally I wouldnt waste time with some of them; once sentenced by court to death, the president should immediatelt consent to their execution so that no further govt resources are wasted on them. Some of these executions should be conducted either live with TV or in public places so that they help to scare future offenders. Compare human to dogs, we are the image of God!!
Olupot Kennedy | Rumbek
It is very unfortunate that Geoffrey Ocaya met his death in the hands of his ferocious nephew under such circumstances. Such crimes are normally commited by idlers who engage in accessive alcohol/drugs consumtion, and are traumatised after recovering from a long civil war. To minimise such comonness, government should act very fast and enact stringent laws that regulate alcohol and drug abuse, and also give priority to job creation in such affected areas.
Godfrey | Muscat
If found guilty by Court, Okello faces charges of murder and arson! Sure?
omara | Barroyayi
No comment.
Richard Gudoi | Protect and love pets city
Tumuhairwe Andrew | Hoima /dubayi
Since man poisoned the dog to death, he alo had plans to kill the owner of the Dog. But it is unfortunitilly that he olso was killed. This was suposed to be the police case since it begun with killing. I mean also killing one''s dog is amurder or capital offence.
Paul Newman | Rockville, MD
This madness needs to be checked. We have many people that are mentally unstable and need help before things get out of hand, as in this case. My sympathy to the family of the deceased and for this mental case. The last sentence is baffling. "If found guilty by Court, Okello faces charges of murder and arson" (??). If a person if guilty he/she faces a sentence but is charged at the start of the trial.
johnisani | Gulu
God created human being to take control over all creatures on earth including animals,trees and the rest.He gave them authority to be supperior over the creations.And no one should take the life of other human being.I wonder why he has killed his uncle just because of a mere of a person can be bought anywhere but a dog can be got and replace the lost one.God grant him eternal rest.
Julius | Kigali
"If found guilty by courts of law, Okello faces charges of murder and arson" what''s the meaning of this statement? New Vision! Iam getting tired of teaching you. Will they charge him after he has been found guilty? Does court charge you after being found guilty? Hmmm. But thanks for the story. It is very sad but you end it with a humorous statement.
Stilson | Seoul
Sick and tired of reading such stupid headlines from a national newspaper. I cannot waste my time to read such rubbish. New Vision, have you lacked what to publish? I demand that all of you resign!
John K. | London
It could even be that Okelo went on to cut his back to disguise the cause of his uncles death. How about burning the house after the said fight.
Peter | Kampala
That is the kind of generation we are living in today.These days some one finds a person being stoned in mob justice and without asking why, he picks a stone to hit too. You wonder where the annomity comes that first to write off some ones life that has not wronged you. There is completely no fear to kill. With Okello it is a dog, however minner, that caused all that, but with others no. Now, is he not going to rot in prision for killing/murdering? I pitty him.
First he is charged, then found guilt, not the other way round.
ogen | Lusaka
This man should face life imprisonment. does he even know laws? How can he value life of a mere pet to that of human beings?
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