Apioandachen 134x120

Mpande and Achen have telepathy

Their bond also enables them share telepathy, where they both reach out to each other at the same time.

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My twin brother once took my girlfriend

“I once dated a girl and with time, Jacob fell in love with her and by the time I realized, they had gone far in the relationship......

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Writivism Festival connecting literature to reality

The festival has lined up among others, stage plays, panel discussions, book launches, exhibitions and music concerts

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Toniks makes musical comeback

He says he has already released a new club banger Dancehall single.

Twin 134x120

They have had two sets of twins

Their first pair of identical twins are now in Senior Three.

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Our father cannot differentiate us - twins

Father of 35-year-old twins cannot tell them apart.

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Is Mickie Wine now fighting Bobi's music battles

Since Bobi Wine is a Member of Parliament his young brother Mickie Wine has resorted to fighting his battles. Music News with details

Sadwoman 134x76

What are his intentions?

However, I got pregnant and he says we postpone further until I give birth but I’m afraid of my family’s reaction when they learn of pregnancy....

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Partygoers derive party theme from sleep disorder

“Some people won’t sleep because they want to party,” relayed actress and singer Hellen Lukoma, one of the hosts, during the launch.