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Diesel cars 'produce more toxic emissions' than trucks

Nitrogen oxide emissions from trucks and buses are measured through mobile devices.

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Model Mwesigwa clinches South African deal

According to Joram Muzira Job, the CEO OF Joram Model Management from which Paul Bradley hails, the move is a big milestone for the...

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Wearing a jersey, don’t be caught offside

It is not a matter of wearing any jersey to look cool, read below to find out how you can avoid falling short of general expectations....

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Should I marry someone else?

We used to live in harmony while in Mbale, but when my wife got a nursing job in Juba, our home never remained the same.

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Kenzo mourns fellow musician Denis Rackla

"We will forever miss you Denis bambi gone too soon talented man, "

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It’s time to pull down those Christmas decorations

"If you have finished celebrating like on the 26th, remove everything and clean the place. We get tired of seeing decoration from November...

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Caring for your pierced ears

“Before anyone thinks of piercing, the ear should be first cleaned with an alcohol swabs and allowed to dry..."

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Ten things to practice in 2017

Work on some of the relationships you are in and see what happens. Who knows you might be married by December.

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Why can’t my sister let me be independent?

I mentioned my plans and my sister was upset. She said I was ungrateful for all she had done for me, saying with me gone; there was no one to...