Artists 134x120

Museveni hails musicians on patriotism

“I thank these young men and women, the artistes, for calling on me. I also thank them for their patriotism,” the President tweeted....

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Off-label antidepressant use not backed by science

Giving adult medication to children, or in doses different from those tested in clinical trials and specified by drug-makers, are also...

Turkey 134x120

Turkey lifts ban on army officers wearing Islamic headscarf...

Women may wear the headscarf underneath their cap or beret so long as it is the same colour as their uniform and does not cover their...

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Chris Brown restrained from model after abuse account

The model, who has also appeared in television series, said she requested the restraining order as Brown had recently sent her threats...

Us 134x120

US targets millions in sweeping deportation plan

Senator Ben Cardin, the top Democrat of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, warned the new guidelines will "harm national security...

Disabledboy 134x120

Dad disowned me for being lame, boy tells ordeal

"I have never seen my father and I don't regret it because he is not interested in me," says Byaruhanga

Mogadishu 134x76

Mogadishu on lockdown for president's inauguration

Widely known by his nickname Farmajo, the president will be sworn-in at a ceremony held in the highly-secured airport zone to avoid an attack...

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SA court slaps down bid to leave ICC

The cabinet decision to deliver the notice of withdrawal to the United Nations secretary general without prior parliamentary approval is unconstitutional...

Aaaaaaabig 134x76

Muslim Clerics Trial: Prosecutions rests case

The state produced a total of 36 witnesses