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British Airways to scrap free meals

BA said the move "follows extensive customer research and feedback, which highlighted dissatisfaction with the airline’s current short-haul...

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Deadly Juice on sale

The juice is a flavored non-carbonated soft drink manufactured by East African Yohanda Company limited located in Kyebando, a Kampala...

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Sh30b state-of-the art national records centre and archives...

Construction of the facility started in 2013 and was completed last year by China Railway Jianchang Engineering Company as the civil...

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Can Africa's mobile money revolution reduce poverty?

Across Africa more and more people -- from urban start-ups to hard-up villagers -- are now spending, saving and planning for the future...

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Innovation: Save money, make your own cushions

Go shopping for material from as low as sh6,000 per metre to as high as sh50,000 in Kiyembe or other fabric shops in town.

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The man who built Huawei

While most of the world’s revolutionary tech companies were started by teenagers, the story of Huawei, a Chinese tech giant, starts...

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UCC threatens to limit spectrum sales

Without sufficient spectrum, operators may incur higher costs of operation which could result in higher prices

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Today's Forex Rates

Source: Bank of Uganda

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Pakasa Youth winners tour Seoul city

The team which travelled in a bus, spent Saturday taking in the sights and sounds of this magnanimous city