Ntinda gets new shopping centre.
Publish Date: Mar 16, 2007
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By Vision Reporter

RESIDENTS of Naalya, Kiwatule, Bukoto, Kisaasi and Ntinda no longer have to drive to Kampala city centre to do their shopping. The new Ntinda Shopping Centre, which was opened late last year, offers them a better option.

What does it offer?
Apart from your regular grocery, you can get interior décor items, plastic bins, magazine holders, cutlery and laundry baskets.

Does it offer variety of services and goods?
You can buy flowers from Rusadia Florists. The Bata Shoe Company has also opened up a shop here although it is not spacious. For hair treatments and cuts, one can go to either of the two salons.

How accessible is the place?
The shopping centre is located on Ntinda Road. If you are using public transport, the centre is within a stone’s throw. The place is designed with ramps, making it accessible to users of wheelchairs.

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