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Why Nabumali High School has lost it
Publish Date: Apr 14, 2009
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YOUR article titled Intrigue Killing Church-based Schools was spot-on. I am an old boy of Nabumali High School (1994-1999). The school’s poor performance can be attributed to several factors, including indiscipline, high student numbers, interference by politicians, church leadership, massive teacher transfers, corruption and inexperienced teachers.

The church plays a big role in the running of school, but is often compromised. They forget the role of being overseers and become administrators.

While still a student in Nabumali, discipline for both teachers and students was not compromised. Teachers and students would be expelled for indiscipline. Today, Nabumali recruits some teachers who had been sent away from their former schools due to indiscipline. This should be checked.

The education ministry, in their transfer letters, should always explain why teachers are being transferred.
I urge the board of governors and parents’ teachers’ associations to petition the President to restore the glory of these old schools.

As Nabumali plans to celebrate 100 years, let us find a solution to the school’s declining performance before it is too late. Old boys and girls should also get into action to save the school.

Andrew Khaweka
Old boy Nabumali

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