Opiyo Oloya’s fountain of nausea and Otunnu’s confusion
Publish Date: Jul 05, 2009
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By Kajabago ka-Rusoke

There is a Ugandan called Joseph Kony who comes from northern Uganda. In his early twenties, he became a politician. Kony is opposed to the Government. His method of opposition is also opposed to peaceful means of changing government.

He is engaged in a war that has spanned for more than 20 years.

The Government under the leadership of NRM has conducted this type of politics against Lakwena, ADF, and now LRA of Kony. The Government won all these wars and remained with the LRA under Kony.

The Government weakened the LRA to an extent where the LRA could no longer afford to conduct its activities from the Uganda territory. The force is now in the territories of the Democratic Republic of Congo, Central African Republic and Southern Sudan.

Everybody who happens to possess a sound mind and a correct spiritual line sees the war between the Government and LRA as unfortunate.

A decision was taken by the Government to carry out mutual talks with the rebels to establish peace for the people of Uganda. Arrangements were made and talks as well as discussions took place in Juba. The leader of LRA did not attend. Up to now the LRA does not show how Uganda can be allowed peace and mutual friendship. Despite the LRA being a military and political organisation made up of purely Ugandans from the northern region, the Government continues to make sure that the area is socially attended to.

The people of Uganda would be in a position to sympathise with the LRA if they could illustrate a socio-economic programme as to how Uganda can be administered in order to promote it to make it a modern state. But such a programme does not exist. So what is Kony? And what is he fighting for?

Anybody looking at Kony will find him an erect biological volume, with physical features and structures like those of a human being, but armed.

When one examines his political behaviour, one finds that he is just an armed brute and monster.

The monstrous activities he has carried out against human beings in his area of birth and elsewhere, shows he has lost sense of direction. His actions and behaviour have already pushed him to a state of paranoia where he is suspicious and scared of anybody including his closest associates. He is now living in a world of mental wilderness.

However, despite Kony’s state of mind, to others he is highly respected and honoured to the extent that he should still be met and talked to in order to end the war. A number of people sympathise with his organisation. Surprisingly, some of them have been to high institutions of learning.

For example in The New Vision of June 17, there appeared a person by the name of Opiyo-Oloya who wrote a special letter to the President stating that defeating the LRA by force has not worked and will not work. He suggested that talking to Joseph Kony again is a wiser option. Look at the following:

- When Oloya says talk to Kony; Kony is evading the talks.

- When Oloya says the Government failed in Juba to clarify what they would do with Kony if he surrendered, it is difficult to decide with somebody who is avoiding talk andsolve a problem.

- Oloya says Kony wants amnesty, but also says Kony cannot stomach such a word like “surrender”. Then how will he come out without surrendering’ Why does he not want to admit that the Government drove him out of Uganda and that his choice of coming back must be conditioned by acceptable pro-people principles determined by the Government?

Kony, therefore, has no choice in terms of conditions under which he should come except, if he asks for forgiveness.

- He cannot share a state pavilion with the commander-in-chief of the UPDF because the blood he has shed is a crime and not a symbol of military valour.

- Opiyo-Oloya’s presentation to save the life of Kony is a struggle to save the life of a friend and beloved one.

- Anybody in Uganda with a sound mind knows what and who Kony is. Imagine when, one’s best friend is a hyena, wolf or jackal. What sort of being is that.

- In Uganda plus the neighbouring regions, Kony’s personality has been very harmful to human beings. Therefore, Kony should by all means be exterminated and destroyed immediately without debate.

- Anybody suspected of either sympathising or supporting Kony should be immediately arrested and subjected to interrogation, mental and psychological examination, to ascertain whether he is normal.

- There should not be any discrimination concerning the approach of arrest. Whether one is an MP or an ordinary citizen.

- If, or when, Opiyo-Oloya arrives at Entebbe Airport he should be immediately arrested for mental examination.

- His support for Kony and the LRA presents him as a fountain of nausea on Uganda’s territory.

Otunnu a symbol of mental confusion
- This is a person who is from the northern region of Uganda.

- When General Tito Okello formed a government, he made Olara Otunnu his foreign minister.

- NRM fought Obote knowing that UPC was dirty while Tito Okello was filthy.

- General Tito Okello’s government was overthrown by the NRM Otunnu made an exit.

- For Otunnu to say that it is President Museveni who is against him and not Otunnu against the President is typical illogicality.

- Otunnu could not definitely fail to go against Museveni when Museveni has overthrown a government of which Otunnu was foreign minister. Here mutual disagreement and dislike are automatic and natural. That is healthy. What matters then is the way forward.

- Otunnu having seen and realised that he is now an odd social and political element in a new Uganda under NRM, decides to apply for a passport from other African countries where he gets one from Ivory Coast having failed to get one from Namibia. There he declares Museveni to have denied him Ugandan nationality when it is he who is mentally staggering.

- Otunnu believes Museveni is carrying out genocide in northern Uganda through the establishment of camps for displaced people and under cover of helping them against HIV/AIDS. Imagine!

Conclusion on Otunnu:
- Otunnu is opposed to the Government, not in a way which is constructive.
- Otunnu supports Kony.
- He is a victim of negative subtlety.
- When Otunnu arrives at Entebbe International Airport, he should be taken for interrogation and mental examination.

The writer is a lecturer at the National Political Institute, Kyankwanzi

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