Museveni’s rap song gets second remix
Publish Date: Oct 29, 2010
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YOU want another rap? You must have heard the song that features President Museveni reciting Runyankore lyrics in a rap track. Are you wondering which recording studio hosted the head of state?

Well, we have the story. The President didn’t go to any studio.

It all started at a rally a few months ago in Mbarara where, to prove his point, the he recited the lyrics of two Runyankore primary school rhymes, Naatema akati (I cut a stick) and Mp’enkoni (give me the stick).

Veteran music producer Steve Jean of Fenon Records, heard about it, stormed his studio with it, only to return later with a rap track that had Museveni’s voice, which was electronically engineered.

In fact, the President was as surprised and bemused as anyone else when he first heard his voice on the track booming from the speakers at last Saturday’s pre-nomination party at the Lugogo Cricket Oval! He is said to have immediately fallen in love with the song and excitedly told the people in his tent: “That is my song! That is my song!”

When he mounted the podium to give a speech at the pre-nomination party, he agreed to recite an acapella of the song, leaving people wondering what the song means.

Worry no more. We have the lyrics and loose translation:

Natema Akati kaarara
Kaarara nikaza Igara
Igara owa Ntambiko
Ntambiko yampa akasyo
Akasyo nakaha abagyesi
Abagyesi bampa oruro
Oruro naruha Warukoko
Warukoko yampa ihuri
Ihuri nariha abaana
Abaana bamp’engyeya
Engyeya naagiha omukama
Omukama yampa Kasha
Kasha nagishweza omukazi
Omukazi yanzaarira omwana
Namweeta Mugarura
Yaagarura eby’ow’ishe n’ishenkuru

The stick I cut strayed into Igara where Ntambiko reigns. Ntambiko gave me a knife which I gave to millet harvesters, who gave me millet, that I gave to a hen, which gave me an egg, that I gave to children who gave me a monkey that I gave to the king, who gave me a cow that I used to marry my wife.

She gave me a child I called Mugarura who raided back what belonged to me and my fathers.
Another song on the track goes:
Mp’enkoni mp’enkoni mp’enkoni
Mp’enkoni engarama ziizire
Ziizire niicund’ebinio
Ebinio bya Rutendegyere
Rutendegyere enkuba emuteere
Emuteerere ahaiguru mpariya
Ahaiguru hariyo orwitiri
Orwitire oruzaarwa n’enkura
Enkura eshoroma etegire
Etegire akaara k’embogo
Ak’embogo karimu omwonyo
Omwonyo guruga Nsharira
Nsharira omunda y’engoma
Y’engoma, y’engoma, y’engoma

Give me my stick! Invaders from Ngarama have arrived, shaking their bums like Rutendegyere. May thunder strike Rutendegyere from above where there is abundance that helps the rhinoceros to thrive. The rhinoceros feeds but reamins ready for a buffalo attack. The buffalo, whose meat is salty. The salt that comes from Nsharira deep inside the kingdom.

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